«To help the school!» A set of sound posters

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«To help the school!» A set of sound posters

Attention! Packaging design may differ from the one shown in the photo, but does not affect the contents of the kit.

A set of educational posters for the first general preparation of the child for school. One of the features of this set is its mobility. The posters themselves are fastened with a spring. You can hang all the posters on the wall like a calendar, and leaf through, choosing the poster you want, or you can put it on the table. This kit is designed for children aged 3 years before entering the first grade, and some posters are suitable for primary school.

The set includes 9 following words:

Poster Talking Alphabet1) Poster «Talking Alphabet» – is intended for children and adults who are beginning to learn Russian. Additions to the poster were made in accordance with the wishes of parents and teachers. In the process of using the poster you can get acquainted not only with the “name” of the letter, but also with its sound and serial number, hear verses and a cheerful song about the alphabet, as well as pass the exam. It has 8 modes of operation, which can be selected by touching the “Talking pen ZNATOK” pen to the appropriate button, and then to the image on the poster.

Poster learning to read2) Poster “Learning to read” – a unique poster in its way that allows the child to reproduce almost all the words of the Russian language and learn the skills of reading by syllables. Contains syllables, vowels and consonants, softened consonant sounds. Compatible with any type of lettering. Modes: study, by composing words from letters and syllables.

Poster English3) Poster “English” – for children and adults who begin to learn English. This is a tutor with real English pronunciation, which makes it possible to study the transcription and pronunciation of sounds and letters of the English language both independently and with the teacher.

Table Multiplication Table4) Table “Multiplication Table” – The original form of presentation of material on this audio poster, makes it easier to learn the multiplication table! The poster itself tells the child how to use it. To test knowledge, there is the “Exam” mode. Unlike other tables, it is impossible to cheat and peep the correct answer. Perhaps both self-study and study with the teacher. And if the child is tired of classes, he can, together with a poster, perform the merry song of Vladimir Shainsky “Twice two, four”.

Poster State Symbols of the Russian Federation5) Poster “State Symbols of the Russian Federation” will acquaint your child with the flag and coat of arms of our country, help you learn the history of their origin, listen to the National Anthem of Russia and even learn it by heart. This poster is recommended to be used in the lessons of history and social studies in school and kindergarten, as a visual and sound guide for the education of patriotism and love for the Motherland.

Poster Underwater World6) Poster “Underwater World” – a cognitive, generally developing poster with the ability to study the English names of the inhabitants of the seas and oceans. If these inhabitants know how to make sounds, then they can be listened to by selecting the “Sounds” mode. There is also an opportunity to listen to a short story or some interesting fact about them – for this you need to select the “Information” mode by touching the Speaking pen to the corresponding button on the poster. “Exam” – selecting this button, you can test your knowledge.

Poster Pets7) Poster “Pets” – cognitive, generally developing poster with the possibility of studying Russian and English names of animals living in our village. A very informative and entertaining thematic poster for young children! You can listen to sounds made by pets or a small story about them. And also go through a small survey for knowledge of pets. The operating modes are selected using the Talking knob, which must be touched to the corresponding buttons.

Poster Wild animals width=8) Poster “Wild animals” – This poster will not only show how different wild animals look and let you hear what sounds they make, but will also allow you to learn the names of animals in Russian and English. Modes: “Sounds” – selecting this button, and then touching the Speaking pen to the image of the animal, you can hear the sounds it makes. “Information” – selecting this button, and then touching the Speaking pen to the image of the animal, you can hear a short story about the features of this animal. “Exam” – selecting this button, you can test your knowledge.

Poster Musical instruments9) Poster “Musical instruments” – contains information, sounds and images of the most popular musical instruments – from folk to the members of the symphony orchestra, from the harp and erhu to the violin and double bass. Interesting facts from the world of instruments will open the way to the wonderful world of music. In the lower part of the poster is located “Synthesizer sounds” – selecting the instrument and touching the Speaking pen to the buttons-notes, you can play not only the proposed songs, but also other tunes. There is an “Exam” button – when you select it, you are asked to test your knowledge by answering the questions.

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