School of good manners

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School of good manners

Interactive program “Sound books on the development of preschoolers.”

Do you want your kids always and everywhere to be polite, beautiful, clever and tidy? Then be sure to give them this sound book with “talking” pictures, sound questions and precise clever tips.

  • All texts and poems in the book are voiced by professional actors
  • All the main characters of the illustrations are announced;
  • When you touch the “Talking Pen of the Fool” ™ to the circles with exclamation marks, additional explanations sound:
  • Sound exams with self-searching for correct answers
  • The book is accompanied by a notebook for practical lessons “School of Good Manners.”

Author: Tatyana Koti
ISBN: 9785424400056
Age: for children from 4 years old
Pages: 40 pages
Format: 190x260mm
Binding: Hard

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